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Cloudy Headlights?

Let ClearVU Professional Headlight Restoration restore your cloudy, oxidized headlights to showroom new!

We make your headlights look brand new

5 Year Warranty

Car Headlight Repair and Restoration Jacksonville, FL

ClearVu uses a proprietary formula that ensures your headlights will remain crystal clear for up to 5 years … or we’ll re-do them at NO COST. GUARANTEED!


Improves Safety

Dramatically improves your headlight’s performance and nighttime visibility.


Improves Appearance

“Like new” looking headlights compliment your vehicle’s appearance.


Improves Re-sale Value

Clear headlights are a sign of good maintenance that will be reflected in your car’s re-sale value.

We Come To You

Simply make a call and we’ll be on our way! Our prompt and professional service means we show up when scheduled and work to earn your long-term satisfaction.

Restore Cloudy Headlights

Cloudy headlights are caused by UV rays, road grime and chemical elements. ClearVu’s restoration process is uniquely designed to last up to five years.

5 Year Warranty

Our proprietary formula and process separates us from the competition. This is how we offer you unsurpassed clarity and the longest warranty period in the industry!


We are a headlight restoration service that comes to you. Your headlights will be restored to their former glory. If you have an old car with plenty of miles, the headlights become cloudy and oxidized due to exposure to the elements, reducing visibility and endangering drivers. It is a very convenient way for you to restore your car headlamp without having to visit a shop or spend extra money on parts. Our mobile headlight restoration services, provided by highly experienced technicians, can easily remove oxidation and other debris from your headlights. It can save you time and money while improving the aesthetics of your car’s exterior; additionally, it will also increase the value of your vehicle.

So if you are looking for a way to restore clouded or oxidized car headlights quickly and easily, our mobile headlight restoration is the perfect and most cost-effective solution to restore cloudy headlamp and increase driver safety on the roads of Jacksonville, Florida.


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